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MQ300-Voice Activated Digital Spy Bug Audio Recorder 25 Day Standby

This new Voice Activated USB drive looks and functions like an ordinary flash drive. Yet this storage device conceals hidden microphone. Hang on a lanyard


Amplified Mono Parabolic Microphone

Large, 22-inch, clear, durable, flexible dish True, accurate parabolic dish Very low noise mic array Sound booster discs for better low frequency response Both XLR/3.5mm


VC300 Portable Voice Changer Multi -14 Pitch Range Spy Gear

The portable voice changer is perfect for anyone looking to disguise their voice. Bosses might want to call their employees to test customer service skills.


Easy Voice Recorder – DR8000

How much recording time do you need? Our telephone recorder can catch conversation up to 1040 hours,easy one touch buttons up to 31 days of


Smart Watch Spy Camera DVR235

The new generation of a spy watch camera is all wrapped in a smart watch. This watch cam is packed full of features. The camera


Single Wireless WiFi Camera Full HD 3MP Indoor IP Security Camera System MJ-IPC-CB3MPIR

This is a single security camera system. All you need to finish this system is a internet router or switch.  No need to record video


Passive Video Balun With Power MJ-LTA1010

Transmit video, audio and power using Cat5/RJ45 network cable instead of coaxial cable, Long transmission distance, Works with most video devices, Lower budget since Cat5


DVR9122 Motion Activated Security Recorder SecuMate

This Motion Activated Mini-Security Recorder is compatible with any camera and records up to 10 Hours on to a Secure Digital Memory Card. This versatile



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