The Amazing KGB Marker Pen HD Spy Camera

Inconspicuous and perfect for an office environment, the KGB Marker Pen HD Spy Camera looks like the real thing, feels like it but only you know that it’s a spy cam. Designed to fool the most meticulous of onlookers, the design of the pen is akin to an office marker.

The Spec Sheet
First off this is a high definition camera pen and as such it renders 720p video quality and operates off a tf (Transflash) or Micro-SD card. Call it a mini DVR of your own or a spy cam, the specifications on this little beauty are off the charts, especially considering its size and cheap price.
• 5 Megapixel cam with HD quality and a resolution of H.264 AVC 1280 by 720 (hd808) 30 fps
• Connectivity via HDMI or mini-USB cable
• Picture resolution at 3200 by 2400
• Formats for output are JPEG for pictures and MOV for HDMI video
• Maximum operation time rated at 50 minutes and total size of 2GB on continuous recording
• Supports interpolation to boost quality up to 8MP
• Buttons include Rec, Up, Down, Power, Mode, Reset
• Measures 116mm by 28mm by 12mm
Compact And Easy To Conceal
Thanks to the miniature nature of the Spy cam and its marker resemblance, it is real easy to conceal it. A small keyhole allows you to attach a keychain, ring, keyfob or real car keys to the minidv camera. After all, who notices anything attached to a keyring, even if it were a bullet! In fact, a quick glance gives the appearance of a USB drive attached to a ring.
Image Capture
The gadget not only takes videos but also snaps pictures in hd quality. The images upon review resemble what one would expect from a helmet cameras considering one would ideally be wearing the marker DV camera clipped onto the front of the shirt. Same goes for video playback although quality wise it can be bloated up to a jumbo size thanks to the gracious 5 MP camera sensors.
Simple To Use
The KGB mini sdhc HD 808 camera has playback and recording buttons hidden on its surface but ergonomically designed so as to remember their location. Test it out with a few pictures first and then start using the video recording capability. Because it records instantly, there is hardly any waiting time involved.

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