MJ Electronics has experts in the overall design and manufacturing of Professional Counter Surveillance Equipments at this time. Our company is recommended for people who seek professional counter surveillance tools online. This is mainly because we manufacture and supply the world-class resources in this category according the most recent requirements of target clients.

We understand the overall importance of manufacturing professional counter surveillance tools for protecting our clients against GPS tracking, hidden cameras, audio bugs and other leading threats. Our company provides an array of resources in this category with clear descriptions about every resource.

Leading law enforcement agencies, government organizations and professionals in different sectors these days make contact with us for counter surveillance tools shopping. We listen to requirements of our clients and suggest the best options to them. We assist our clients to select and buy the best suitable product online.

Our Professional Counter Surveillance Equipments have the best stuff to detect and locate telephone recording devices, telephone transmitters, computer transmitters, wireless spy cameras, bumper beepers, video transmitters, fax transmitters, microwave transmitters, GPS vehicle tracking transmitters, body wires and other surveillance resources.

Reasonable prices of our counter surveillance equipments support our clients save their hard earned money and invest in the most advanced resources within the budget. Our committed customer support team operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can directly contact our customer support team whenever you wish to be aware of the most recommended Counter Surveillance Equipments manufactured by our company.

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Spy Finder SF103


Hidden Camera Detector CD-LRC


PRO-10G Cell Phone and GPS Bug Detector DD804


Wireless Camera Hunter DD-90041


Advanced Transmitter Detector TD-53


CMS-15 Countermeasures Set


Andre Basic – ANDRE-BSC


Delta X 100/4 Spectrum Analyzer – DX100-4


RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand MJ- DD12051


Druid Noise Generator Counter Surveillance NG-5000


Pen Style RF Bug Detector DD1205


Professional Digital RF Detector DD1206