We offer our bug sweeping service to both private individuals wanting their home, vehicle or personal effects checked as well as business clients who require an office, shop premises, company vehicles, and boardrooms searching for the presence of hidden bugs.

Whatever the location or environment, we can perform our bug sweep service anywhere.
In an ever increasing world of suspicious partners, corporate espionage and snoopers eavesdropping, it is important to consider the risk of being listened into when discussing matters of a personal or delicate nature and secrecy is paramount.

And with advances in technology involving GPS trackers it is not uncommon for employers, rival companies or suspicious partners to know where you are when out and about in your vehicle.

Our bug detector experts, use the latest equipment to perform a bug sweep of your premises or vehicle for hidden listening devices, vehicle trackers, hidden cameras and technical covert bugs of all types, checking communications, and power lines for any suspicious activity. We will also check for radio frequency devices both wired in and battery controlled wireless deviices.

The premises / vehicle will also be physically searched and a survey performed to identify the most likely attack vectors.

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