Hidden Camera

Covert Camera in Smoke Detector 620 TVL High-Res / AUDIO HI-SMK60A


Covert Pinhole HD-TVI 1080P Camera MJ-SP103-1080P


HD H.264 2MP 1080P IP Hidden Camera with PoE Port PIR Style Motion Detector Onvif 2.3 P2P Plug and Play Security Network Cameras


Motion Detector HD-TVI 1080P Camera MJ-SP102-1080p


Onvif 1080P HD Mini Wifi IP Camera Wireless P2P Wifi Pinhole Camera Microphone 2.0 MegaPixels MJ-PHWF


Smoke Detector 1080P TVI Camera MJ-SP103-1080P


USB Adaptor Style Wi-Fi DVR MJ-DVR266WF


Wireless WIFI 1080P Mini Camera Module Board Camcorder IP P2P CCTV Camera HD Hidden DVR Mini DV Video Surveillace Security


Wifi Hidden Camera

Android Charging Dock Spy Camera Case Style Wi-Fi DVR – DVR265WF


Black Box Wi-Fi HD Camera and DVR – DVR1300W


IP HD Night Vision Hidden Spy Electrical Outdoor Box Camera MJ-IPJB


iPhone Charging Dock Case Style Wi-Fi DVR – DVR264WF


LawMate Wi-Fi Clock Radio with Hidden DVR and HD Camera DVR259WF


LawMate Wi-Fi Key Chain DVR MJ- DVR202W


Live View Wifi 1080P CO2 Detector With NightVision

$575.00 $525.00

New LawMate Wi-Fi Bundle Handheld DVR – DVR540W


Onvif 1080P HD Mini Wifi IP Camera Wireless P2P Wifi Pinhole Camera Microphone 2.0 MegaPixels MJ-PHWF


SecureShot Full HD 1080P Ipod Dock Clock Radio Camera/DVR with Night-vision MJ-FHD-IHL-IR


SecureShot Spy Camera HD-Live View1080P HD Mini Air Tower Purifier SD DVR with WiFi Live Viewing SSHD-HMT-IR


USB Adaptor Style Wi-Fi DVR – DVR266WF


Hidden camera has been much useful these days to keep track of happenings, to find out theft and crimes and to ensure security and protection. It is used for surveillance in a particular area and it is mostly used in the business centres and public places. You can see the information displayed in the malls, shopping centres, hospitals, banks, airports and many other places as you are under surveillance or this place is under surveillance. The hidden camera will be connected with the monitors in the security room so that they can continuously monitor the activities going on in the place and also it will record and store it on the computer.

This is a better way for protecting the business and that is why it is installed in the cash counter, the places where the employees exit and in other important places. If you are running a small business and if you want to monitor all the activities that is happening in your business place you can prefer this surveillance method. You can buy hidden camera online as there are many models with description and reviews.

It is also used in the houses where they get the help of maids and nannies that care the children and take care of other works in the home. Buy Hidden Camera to monitor your business place, house and any other place so that you can take necessary steps if anything is wrong without your knowledge. Explore different models on online and choose the best model as per the size of the place where you are going to use it.