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The surveillance equipment market is highly competitive with many products available from hundreds of vendors. Our prices are direct from these vendors and passed on to you. The huge variety of CCTV security cameras and video surveillance recording systems can be a huge advantage for the consumer, but it can also present an overwhelming number of confusing choices! We have sorted out the thousands of DVRs, Cameras, wiring, equipment, etc. to match both quality and affordability. If you have any questions please contact us.

A walk-around is needed for an estimate to be given (estimates are free). Inspection of the attic, crawlspace, internet service provider configuration, and measurements will be accounted for.


1) All labor installation costs vary depending on: – Number of cameras – Difficulty of camera placement and wiring – Location of DVR – Special tasks (extra wiring to monitors/TV’s in other locations, extra ethernet wiring, etc.)

2) What is received in installation: – Camera placement, adjustment and installation – Above ceiling and in-wall wiring (very neat) – Wall Plates for opened holes in wall for wall feeding (very neat) – DVR Placement and Installation – DVR Configuration (router management/remote monitoring setup/network configurations/camera adjustments/software and firmware updates/recording schedules/hard drive configuration/secure password setup/camera focusing/motion detection/night vision configuration/color enhancement configuration/mobile remote monitoring configuration/and more) – Mobile Remote Monitoring Setup – Remote Computer Monitoring Setup – Software Installation on desired Computers

3) Security system will allow you to remotely view all cameras in real-time from any smart phone/PDA (iPhone, android, etc.) and/or from any windows-based PC or Mac (if DVR allows) from anywhere in the world.

4) Cameras and DVR can be placed ideally anywhere in the vicinity. A walk around estimate is given with detailed inspection prior to installation to verify locations/wiring difficulty/parts needed/measurements taken/attic or crawlspace walkthrough, etc.

5) All cameras used are of high quality. All include night vision, motion detection, color correction, and wide-angle views for greater depth of field. All recording in color during the day and black and white at night. Discrete cameras are available for indoor/outdoor use.

6) An auto-backup is created for the DVR. This allows for in case of unplanned power outages, your DVR will start right back up seamlessly with the configurations saved during installation.

7) A basic walkthrough of monitoring and managing the system will be provided to you at the end of installation to comprehend a basic understanding of how to work with the hardware and software of your security system.

8) Repair services are offered and estimates are given prior to repair. This does not include parts.

9) We also install hidden cameras , I.P. cameras & network base systems

We specialize in installing Access control systems, Alarm systems , Security camera system ,Network cabling and
Wifi systems

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