Amplified Mono Parabolic Microphone




Large, 22-inch, clear, durable, flexible dish
True, accurate parabolic dish
Very low noise mic array
Sound booster discs for better low frequency response
Both XLR/3.5mm outputs on back panel
Built-in 1/4-20 tripod mount
Use phantom power or 9V battery
Foam isolated to reduce handling noise
The Wildtronics Parabolic Microphone is engineered to the be the most advanced and best performing parabolic microphone on the market. The Amplified models include a direct headphone output as well as line and amplified mic outputs, saving you the expense and bulk of additional equipment. This microphone offers the professional a vastly improved parabolic microphone, with multiple connectivity without special cables, an integral tripod mount, accessory mounting provisions, and costs a fraction of competing microphones. The new, original design combines multiple techniques to increase audio gain, broaden the frequency response, reduce mic self-noise, improve isolation of the subject, and minimize handling noise. Use this parabolic microphone for sound reinforcement on football and baseball fields, recording birds and nature sounds, wildlife research, law enforcement, paranormal investigation, or anytime sounds need to amplified and isolated beyond the performance of other microphones.

The Low Noise Amplified Models of our Parabolic Microphones add the following features to our standard parabolic microphone models:

Low Noise Electronic Microphone Preamplifier
Step-less Analog Gain Control
Provides Quick Easy Plug-in Headphone Use
Line Level Output for Low Cost Recorders
Amplified Mic Level Output for DSLR, Camcorder, or Wireless transmitter
Balanced XLR Microphone Outputs are Maintained
Built in Audio Mixer for the Mono-Stereo Model
For the first time, a high performance, low noise microphone preamplifier has been integrated directly into a professional parabolic microphone. The Amplified Mono and Amplified Mono-Stereo Models both include this amplifier. This innovative approach will simplify and improve the way sounds are recorded at a lower overall cost. Applications include nature recording, sports broadcasting, videography, surveillance, or just to enjoy hearing like you never could before.
As a low noise, professional microphone preamplifier, this electronic amplifier will add no audible noise to the already exceptionally low noise Wildtronics Parabolic Microphones. Up to 64dB of step-less gain is available, providing full line level output from even low level sounds with our high level output microphones. Using the 3.5mm line level output with low cost, hand-held recorders will dramatically improve the recorder’s signal to noise ratio, often resulting in performance comparable to that of recorders costing over $1000. The main weakness of low cost recorders is high microphone input noise. Using our low noise amplifier and selecting line input, on your recorder, eliminates this weakness. Therefore, you can reduce your total equipment budget, and make your equipment much more portable as well. All balanced XLR microphone outputs are maintained, and are not affected by the amplifier, for those who have high quality XLR compatible equipment.
Directly plug in your 3.5mm headphones, without any other equipment, to improve hearing for enjoying wildlife, surveillance, or research. The headphone output will provide up to 35milliwatts and has half the noise of many professional headphone amplifiers. While you are using headphones, you can also output an amplified mic level signal (3.5mm) to a DSLR or video camera to obtain quality audio for your wildlife or other video projects. You can also use the line level or XLR outputs for your recorder, while the mic level output drives your camera to further extend your audio quality and synchronization. For sports broadcasting, you can use the headphone output while still providing a mic level signal to the wireless transmitter. Plus, we can customize, for sports broadcasting, to meet your specific needs of inputs and outputs, such as including a monitor input to the headphones.
The Wildtronics electronic amplifiers inside the amplified models are low cost, elegantly integrated into the parabolic microphone assembly, and add almost no weight. The amplifiers also have excellent RF immunity, and use the latest low noise components. They are powered from the internal 9-Volt battery, and use commonly available cables for connection to your equipment.
The large, 22-inch, parabolic dish is optimally sized to balance portability and low frequency response. The dish is clear so you may accurately sight your target. Parabolic curves can be calculated to select the depth and focal point. The Wildtronics’ parabolic shape was optimized for a focal point to match the microphone’s polar response, shield undesired sound pickup, and offer a compact package. The paraboloid was then accurately CNC machined to create a master mold. This accuracy is necessary for precision focus at higher frequencies. The microphone assembly is easily removed and reinstalled without altering it’s precisely located, factory set focal point. The molded plastic dish is 0.080-inch thick for best all around durability, critical shape retention, and allows some bending to fit into larger airline luggage.

Integral booster discs are designed into the microphone assembly to increase the audio gain, boost low frequency response to that of a 30-inch parabolic dish, and help isolate the sound pickup to only the focused target and avoid other stray sounds. This amazing booster disc technology further sets the Wildtronics Parabolic Microphone apart from all others.

Not just one, but an array of low noise microphone elements are used at the focal point of the parabola. Array technology not only increases the audio gain, but reduces self noise to that of the lowest noise microphones on the market. Combined with the parabolic dish and booster discs, the signal to noise ratio is far higher than any other microphone. A military grade foam windscreen is built-in.

There are no special or custom cables needed to connect the Wildtronics Parabolic Microphone to your amplifiers or recorders. Standard, balanced XLR and 3.5mm connectors (for the amplified outputs) are conveniently located on the back panel.

The entire microphone assembly is engineered to reduce the effects of handling noise and inadvertent bumps. A special foam suspension system helps isolate the microphone assembly from handling noise. In addition, the comfortable, foam handle grip was carefully selected with a texture that minimizes noise from hand movements.

The lightweight aluminum alloy parts are powder coated for durability. A black, low reflectivity finish is used throughout to increase stealth. A 1/4-20 thread, in the bottom of the solid high strength handle, allows easy attachment to a tripod. An optional Accessory Bar Kit is available that allows versatile mounting of additional equipment. With the Accessory Bar Kit, you can mount cameras, tripods, recorders, preamps, wireless transmitters, and install the included dual handles that give improved comfort and superb balance. We highly reccommend using our Secondary Windscreen for all outdoor applications.

The Wildtronics Amplified Parabolic Microphone is also available with an additional stereo microphone, the Wildtronics Amplified Mono-Stereo Parabolic Microphone model. The Amplified Mono-Stereo Parabolic Microphone model contains two amplifiers, providing all the above features, plus adding audio mixing capability. Mixing allows you to combine the mono and stereo signals in any proportion into one stereo output. A switch is included to quickly disable the stereo signal for mono only use, without disturbing the gain. This integrated mixing capability saves you the expense and bulk of external mixers or multi-channel recorders in many applications. Only the Wildtronics Amplified Mono-Stereo Parabolic Microphone offers separate mono and stereo channels with mixing capabilities. You can highlight the focused mono subject with little background stereo, have full wide-field stereo with no focused mono, or anything in between. This low cost, super portable system gives you complete audio control, opening many new opportunities.

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