How To Spy On Cheating Spouse

How To Spy On Cheating Spouse

That sinking feeling of your spouse cheating on you is as worst as it can get, but before you jump onto the bandwagon of spy gadgets and spy tools to catch them red handed, consider if you are ready to handle the conflict

that may arise from all this snooping around. For starters, what if you are wrong and you get caught trying to spy on them? Will you be able to deal with the emotional turmoil that will ensue between the two of you? And if you do catch them cheating then can you stay calm and face the situation, taking sane and logical action instead of rash and drastic measures? If you are capable of keeping your cool under tremendous stress and have brushed up on your local state or national laws regarding spying and what is considered legal or illegal then read on and find out the best ways to spy on a cheating spouse.

Electronically Spying Via Mobile Or Computer

Gone are the days of spycams hidden in pens or coffee mugs. Today is the age of modern electronics and just about any device you use has a camera on it or at the very least a microphone. The right set of software can get you started down the marital espionage field.

Android, iOS and every other popular platform offers voice recorders that can be hidden from view and activated either manually or remotely using GPS. These apps seem ubiquitous enough but can catch sufficient evidence easily because the unsuspecting spouse will carry around their smartphone or computer wherever they go. Now don’t get ahead of yourself thinking that a cellphone in its switched off state can record stuff but unless your spouse is a spy, they will make an occasional slip.

As for computers, applications are available to track keystrokes, last visited pages, record conversations and even flag them remotely to you in the event certain words are used or accessed. In fact, a very basic firewall with slightly advanced features to protect children against unwanted electronic abuse can be manipulated for our purpose. Configuring it to flag down words usually used in relationships, recording all activity between certain times are a few ways to take advantage of the firewall and parental control already existing in your home systems.

Take for instance, StealthGenie available for smartphones. It is considered to be one of the most powerful cellphone spy programs that lets you monitor activity on Blackberry, Android and iPhone. Easy to install and use, it keeps tab on phone usage plus exact location, which you can access remotely from anywhere in the world using any computer in a matter of minutes. Because if works in a stealth mode, your spouse will never come to know that they are being monitored 24/7.

For computers, the Spector Pro’s Computer Surveillance kit lets you poke and probe your spouse’s laptop or computer without ever being discovered. It takes email recordings, chat snapshots, keylogs, website visits, desktop snaps and more storing it in cloud servers or online. At under $90, this is a package designed for suspicious folks and can get you loads of incriminating evidence.

Non-Electronic Methods Of Spying

Once we come into the non-electronic methods, the chances of discovery become realistic so you have to be very careful with the use of gadgetry that otherwise one would be suspicious of. For instance installing cameras in your home isn’t spying as it simply makes the cheating spouse more alert and careful, even giving them suspicion of your intent. Quite naturally, voice recorders are a better choice in most instances as long as they are small and can be hidden from view. But if you are adamant at recording video there are plenty of spy gadgetry available disguised as iPod docking stations to alarm clocks and even actual phone receivers.

For those interested in a more simplistic form of spying try a key GPS logger to track location anywhere in the world. Install this device underneath or anywhere in the car and you can instantly find out where it is or where it has been over the past few days.

What if your spouse is clever enough to avoid taking their car, using the mobile phone or even the computer? Maybe they are doing it old school. You need a landline recorder available for less than $100 that can record every two-way conversation made on the landline. Best of all, today’s recorders with flash storage can hold over 500 hours of conversation.

Finally, we come to the realm of high-tech gadgetry that includes fly-above model airplanes with cameras, wrist watch cams with snake eyepieces, smoke detector hidden cameras and more. Some are easy to conceal and need no human interference to operate while others require your active participation.

At the end of the day, spying on your spouse isn’t exactly illegal but does push the law a bit too far. So, attempt such feats only when the suspicion is valid or if you are unable to commit to a relationship out of immense doubt or lack of trust. Remember, state laws differ on what devices can and cannot be used legally, so read or consult a lawyer about every gizmo you use, be it software or actual, before spying on your cheating spouse.

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