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Spy Like A Pro – Secureshot Hidden Camera

Ever seen a criminal make a fool of himself on camera? Most of the time, this is because they never realized the fact that they were being filmed. After all, no actor wants to show his temper or his bad side on film. Even thieves and burglars feel awkward on camera and tend to be on their best behavior of they are aware of being shot. This is where a hidden camera comes handy.


Why Secureshot Spy Camera Line?

The secureshot spy camera line boasts of ubiquitous items that a thief will never think of twice. From boom boxes to digital clocks and mp3 sound augmentation systems, SecureShot camera line consists of everyday digital items that an unsuspecting felon will mistake for the real thing. And why won’t they? After all, they do operate like the real digital appliances. The boom box plays back from USB, CD, DVD, the mp3 docking system accepts an iPod and any other mp3 player while the Blu-ray player will connect with your television and stream Blu-ray quality videos. How in the world will someone ever tell the difference between these surveillance units and a normal looking CCTV camera?

To start with, a spy camera from SecureShot actually features a built-in DVR system that is motion sensitive. This means that the moment someone walks past it or tends to disturb its line of vision, it activates, recording everything that it sees onto a mini or micro SDHC card, which is hidden inside a secret compartment. The only way someone is ever going to figure out these devices to be a hidden camera is if they break it apart, which a thief will never do.

Features Of The Secureshot Spy Camera Line

·         High to medium resolution video recording is available with a decent frame rate. Some devices are capable of recording D1 video at 30fps while most can accommodate medium quality resolution at 30fpg of 320 by 240 pixels.

·         Almost all feature a high density storage card of 16GB SDHC or more that provides hundreds of hours.

·         Every recording is time and date stamped.

·         Motion activation enables the unit to stay inactive until it detects movement, which sets its recorder off. The use of grid surveillance system ensures that the spy camera never responds to fans, computer screens or lights.

·         Directly playback from the hidden camera at speeds of 1X to 32X.

·         Schedule recording times based on your presence in the house.

·         IR Remote helps in disarming and arming the device, setting system parameters.

The Pros Of Secureshot Spy Camera Line

Not only are secureshot spy cams adept at hoodwinking thugs and unscrupulous people but also great at capturing their feats live on tape. Now the way these recorders operate is to sense a narrow field of vision in front of them and activate the recorder the moment this field is disturbed. Naturally, the biggest advantage of such a hidden camera is hands-off performance. All you have to do is prime it, set it to detect movement and sit back to enjoy.

·         Totally Hidden – Because of the use of everyday objects to hide the security camera inside, no one can ever suspect it to be a DVR based security camera.

·         Fully Functional – Just because it is a spy camera doesn’t mean it won’t operate as it looks. If it is a boom box, it will stream audio from suitable sources. If it is a Blu-ray player, it can connect with a HDTV and play Blu-ray discs. As a digital clock, it will display time, sound alarms and so on.

·         High Quality Recording – If you only wish to record movement based videos when you are away, you really don’t need to save space on the DVR. Turn the HQ setting on and capture vivid images of your room anytime it is disturbed.

·         Perfect Spying Device – Now it is not always that you can keep eyes on your loved ones without making them feel awkward but this spy camera actually lets you keep a watchful gaze over them while they are in the house, ensuring that they are always protected.

·         Great With Ambient Light And Movement – A Secureshot camera uses advanced algorithms to detect ambient movement and light, thus it never responds to a sudden gust of wind blowing the curtains, the light switching on or the fan.

·         Day/Night Vision – Night vision helps clear up shoddy images in real time and so it can pick up movement in the dark as well as in the day time.

The Cons Of Secureshot Spy Camera Line

Probably the presence of a DVR system is something that can be bettered in future. NVR is the latest it-thing. Having NVR built into the Secureshot line will truly revolutionize this device making it a tiny portable spy cam that can be accessed from anywhere in the world with the right set of tools.



A hidden camera may be unethical to many but for folks who are disturbed by the growing cases of burglary, home invasion and other crimes related to property, secureshot provides a unique and customized solution to keeping a watchful eye over your investment, loved ones and life. It isn’t obtrusive rather it is vigilant, for you and your home’s safety.


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